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Riot Ten Prepares to Annihilate Los Angeles

As the Hype or Die crew rolls into town for an epic rail-breaking experience, we touch down with the mero mero himself, Riot Ten, for an in-depth Q&A.


Chasing Demons with Leah Culver

Bassrush chats with hard-working artist Leah Culver about her musical background and the making of her EP for LA’s esteemed 40oz Cult.


Snails and Boogie T Go Heavy With “Redline”

Prepare to push the levels to the max as Snails and Boogie T “Redline” it for Slugz Music.


Krimer Comes for Blood With “Boss”

Returning to NSD: Black Label making “Boss” moves, Krimer comes correct.


JOOL Aims for Destruction on ‘Warrior’ EP

UK-based Ōdio Records releases JOOL’s ‘Warrior’ EP.


Shiverz: Shell & Tell at Escape: Psycho Circus

We caught up with the don Shiverz after his set at Escape to chat about ravers in the United States and a little back-story about the origins of MONST


G-REX Drops Jaws on Wakaan

Returning to Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan imprint on the solo tip, G-REX smashes his way through the freeform side of bass.


Midnight Tyrannosaurus Destroys with ‘NSD: Black Label XL 5’

If you’re keen to some hard-hitting bass that makes your guts turn, look no further than this comp.


Kai Wachi’s Skull Season Playlist

With Escape: Psycho Circus on the horizon, Kai Wachi drops a heavyweight Skull Season playlist.

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Dirty Audio and Zeke Beats Grind Your Mind

Bassrush Records returns with another heavy-hitting single with Dirty Audio and Zeke Beats leading the charge into the weekend.