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SH?M “Boasy”

SH?M churns out unadulterated bass pressure for Blacklight Audio.


Bassrush Drops a Massive Album Compilation

With one week to go until Bassrush Massive, the whole fam comes together for an epic 19-track compilation.


On The Road to Bassrush Massive with Yakz

With Bassrush Massive on the horizon, the Los Angeles-based producer Yakz brings you a carefully selected playlist of what to expect when he touches d


Snails and Kill The Noise “Shake The Ground”

That’s not an earthquake you feel, that’s the sound of Snails and Kill The Noise linking up in the studio.


Oolacile, INFEKT, and Murda “Triple Threat”

Consider yourself warned: this three-headed bass beast from Oolacile, INFEKT and MurDa is designed for maximum dancefloor destruction.


Mantis Resurface with ‘Unfazed’ EP

The Atlanta-based duo return to Uplink Audio with a brand new EP.


Faytal Brings the “Apocalypse” to Fresh Blood

The hard-hitting duo known as Faytal step into the spotlight with their fourth outing on Fresh Blood.


Eptic Aims for Destruction with ‘Anti-Human’ EP

Belgian producer Eptic fires up the ‘Anti Human’ EP for Never Say Die Records.


Riot Ten & EH!DE “Applesauce”

The Bassrush Records crew are at it again, locking in a mid-summer sizzler for all the headbangers out there ready to ride until the wheels fall off.


Mastadon’s Latest EP is Set to ‘Decimate’

The Sydney-based prodigy known as Mastadon is set to annihilate with his ‘Decimate’ EP.